7CJB : Bread-making Cultural Champions!

This week, West Exe School Students from Year 7 participated in a Cultural Awareness session brilliantly given by Valentina and Nazima from the Exeter Global Centre.

7CJB gave Valentina and Nazima a warm welcome and in return learned how to cook Italian Focaccia bread and African/ Indian Chapattis.  Students had the opportunity to make, cook, taste and share the bread, while learning about the traditions of cooking bread in different cultures.

They also learned a little about the history of the use of Olive Oil in the Mediterranean, the healing properties of Rosemary valued since Roman times, that yeast is a fungus, and that different types of bread are cooked across Europe, Africa and India because of the availability of different ingredients and fuels for cooking!

7CJB were amazing cultural ambassadors themselves and had a great time trying out new tastes:

“I’ve never tried Olives before – they’re really nice!”

“Can we try making some Curry to go with these next time?”

Many thanks also to the support of the EAL Team – Mrs Hoinville and Miss Barker,  and the Food Technology department – Mr. Richer and Mrs Quick – for enabling the session to happen.