The West Exe School ethos

The ethos of West Exe School is best summarised in our mission and vision statements, revised in 2014. These should represent the values and aspirations of every member of our community.


Challenging every individual to strive for excellence through the support of our learning community


  1. Everyone will thrive in an aspirational ethos of challenge where potential will be unlocked and all our achievements will be celebrated
  2. Everyone will find inspiration in the excellent opportunities available and develop a love of learning which will last a lifetime
  3. We will be proud of our school, of ourselves and of each member of our community, respecting one another and enjoying everyone’s contribution to our success
  4. All members of our community will feel supported and included, able to take risks with confidence and ask for help when it’s needed
  5. Students, along with all members of our community, will be given opportunities to contribute to and where possible to drive projects forward – to develop the skills to work in teams, to manage others and to lead from the front
  6. The West Exe School community will reach out to and welcome the involvement of the wider community in our local area, across the UK and internationally
  7. In developing as responsible global citizens, we will all develop our understanding of, commitment and contribution to a sustainable future, particularly in the areas of STEM
  8. Everyone will develop the skills and attitudes needed to progress in education and in life, in order to contribute effectively to a rapidly changing world of work and toplay the best role we can in the twenty first century world.