Medication and illness in school

Medication in school

Students should not carry any medication with them in school (with the exception of Inhalers/Epipens see below), if a student needs to take medication during school hours a ‘Parental agreement for a DCC establishment to administer medicine’ consent form will need to be filled in by the parent/carer, and the medication kept in the medical room.

All medicines in school must be prescribed by a registered medical practitioner, i.e. doctor, dentist, nurse. Students should not bring non-prescribed medicines to school as a general rule. (We do however accept paracetamol for students who suffer from period pains/headaches; these are only accepted if the consent form is completed in advance.) In all circumstances the parent/carer is contacted for permission to administer this medication.

All medication should be in the original packaging, we do not accept any medicines without original packaging.

Students who have Asthma and use an inhaler must carry one with them at all times, a spare must be kept in the medical room.

Diabetes – students are expected to carry their blood meter with them at all times. Needles and insulin are kept in the medical room, together with spare drinks or snacks.  

Adrenalin Pens (Epipens) – student must carry one, also a spare to be kept in the Medical room

(Please keep a note of the expiry date; it is your responsibility to ensure the Epipen is in date.)

Medication can either be handed in to our main reception by the parent/carer (supplies of consent forms are kept there), or if the form has been completed it can be handed in by the student before morning registration. The form can also be downloaded and printed at home by clicking here.


ILLNESS/INJURY – In the event that any student is ill/unwell or has an injury during school hours he/she must get a note from the class teacher and go to Student Reception so that home can be contacted. Students should not bypass this system by phoning/texting parents first.