Access from home

Every evening large numbers of West Exe students carry on with school projects, complete homework and use school software from the comfort of their own homes!

For several years it has been possible to access the school network from home via our remote network connection so long as you have access to a broadband internet connection.

This link is particularly useful for older students completing exam-related projects but our monitoring shows that many younger students are logging on too. If your son or daughter hasn’t used this before, why not try it out as it can really help students organise all their work in one place and ensure they can use the same software at home as they are using at school.

Click on the links below for instructions on how to access the Remote Network from home.

On Windows systems there is a remote desktop client built in:

Access from Home – Windows systems (Adobe Reader PDF)

For Mac computers we advise the use of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client:

Access from Home – macOS systems (Adobe Reader PDF)

For Ubuntu Linux Users the Remmina Client is built in:

Access from Home – Linux systems (Adobe Reader PDF)

If you wish to use an iPad, then the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client, available in the App Store, is the best one to use:

Access from Home – iPad/iOS device systems (Adobe Reader PDF)