Most Able and Talented

Most Able

At West Exe School provision for those identified as Most Able students will be as inclusive as possible and seek to provide for the needs of this group of students (both identified and those as yet unidentified) through appropriate differentiation, and extension opportunities developed and delivered through the mainstream curriculum. It will be the responsibility of each department to provide appropriate challenge for high-attaining students within that area.

It is important to recognise that all children, not just the Most Able, will benefit from high quality ‘top-down’ teaching and learning, effective/high challenge differentiation, assessment for learning and appropriate study support.

There are two possible lists a student could be added to:

Most Able

Students who are identified as Most Able are those who have the ability to excel across a range of academic subjects, with abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group.

Talented in Subject

Students who are identified as Talented have shown a high level of potential in an individual department, for example, Expressive Arts and PE.  It is possible for a student on the Talented in Subject list to also appear on the whole-School Most Able list through the identification process outlined below. When students who qualify for this list are communicated with, it is important to be referred to as ‘potentially talented in’ and to encourage hard work and effort to achieve their full potential.

Most Able Policy