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Year 10 Deserts revision pack part 1

Year 10 Deserts revision pack part 2

Year 10 Mountains revision pack part 1


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Geography revision clips and internet sites

A good way to revise is to watch some short clips to deepen your understanding of the topics covered. Many of these clips explore ideas we have covered but you need to adapt them so that they link with the Andes and the Sahara. The 2 Uganda clips provide some kind of background.

Search the clips to see what you can find, are there any useful clips that you think we should add?

Type the clip number into the search facility.

Extreme Environments – Mountains – The Andes

3208 – Images of mountains

8423 – Mountain ranges around the world

5724 – Understanding earthquakes and plate tectonics

324 – How does temperature change in mountains

3249 – Glaciers shrink as global temperatures rise

3079 – Glaciers formation and flow

Extreme Environments-Deserts -The Sahara

3095 – Desert erosion

3204 – Thermal imagery in the deserts – diurnal range

345 – Desert landscapes

Similarities and differences – Uganda

3226 – Conflict in Uganda

8552 – Hunger to learn in Uganda

Energy in UK – Fracking (think about advantages and disadvantages)

Energy in UK – Windfarms (thinks about advantages and disadvantages)

7051 – Concerns over windfarm in Dorset

Earthquakes New Zealand

3059 – New Zealand Tectonic theory


BBC Bitesize useful sites


About glaciers and processes

About erosional landforms in mountains

About depositional landforms in mountains

Problems humans face in Mountains Avalanche (Not about the Andes but ideas are the same)

Climate change and its effects on Mountains

Rural to urban migration reminder of push and pull factors from rural Andes St Teresa to Cusco


Year 9 Geography controlled assessment

You need to download these two documents :

What is e waste?

E waste articles for highlighting

Look at these websites to help you with your research. – Scroll down to find information about DRC