These resources will be useful for revision for GCSE candidates.

GCSE History revision online video clips

Germany 1919-45 revision booklet

Germany 1919-45 revision keywords

Germany practice essay questions

Specimen exam paper 1

General History revision overview

Joanna Millan – holocaust survivor

Following Joanna’s visit to West Exe in March 2012, Year 10 GCSE History candidates have produced personal reflections on the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, and the Holocaust. A small selection of these is available below, and a letter to Joanna after the visit from Leah C. Please take a few minutes to read these reflective and moving pieces. A small number of photos are available in our website Photo Gallery.

Letter from Leah

Abigail W

Bethany C

Elle M

Emily B

Hannah S

Jessie May B

Leah C