Dartmoor Nuns Cross Weekend by Chace J.

We started off in a car park in Princetown where we geared up and made sure everyone had their kit. We started walking on this path which seemed pretty easy and we thought it was going to be like that all the way along which it was until Mr Bishop made us go a different way which was harder to walk.


As we were walking Mr Bishop was teaching us to tick off features that are on the map and about the leats. After that we were walking upstream when sir started to tell us about ghosts and rumours about Dartmoor which created a bit of an eerie atmosphere. We finally got to Nuns Cross where we saw the place we were staying, it looked very eerie because it was really dark. As we got in I started to light the fires, after I’d done that we were sorting out our beds and then we all sat down and ate our ration packs.

I was the first one up in the morning so I got the fires going again. Once everyone was up we all sat down and ate our breakfast. After that we all started to clear up so it was clean. When we left it was very foggy, wet and cold. When we started walking again some people started to run out of water so we stopped off at a leat to fill up our bottles but we had to put water purification tablets in so we didn’t get ill.

Once we got back to the bus we thought we were done but sir had a little surprise to tell us that we needed to walk all the way back to the Nun’s Cross tick off feature and then race back. I tried my hardest and came 7th because I had big blisters on the bottoms of my feet.