Activities Week

Activities Week (Wednesday 18th – Tuesday 24th July 2018) extends and enriches the student experience in school. Students are encouraged to try activities which may be different and new to them, activities that will challenge them, and promote self-confidence and self-reliance and, most importantly, to have great fun at the end of a long hard year. Many activities are offered, on and off the school site, and there really is something to interest everyone.

Prices shown and planned activities may vary slightly from those described here. Please see the Activity leader for up to date information.
Three choices must be made.
Do not expect to get your first choice automatically. Priority will be given to students who have not done the activity before.
Please return your signed and completed form together with the behaviour agreement to your form tutor. Incomplete forms will be returned.

AW Launch Letter 2017


The broad range of activities that are available for Activities Week 2018 are listed below:

Craft Pick N Mix (CPM)

  • Learning to make  mosaics, friendship bracelets. Tie-dye shirts and materials, learn  embroidery, knitting and crocheting.
  • Leader: Mrs Wesselingh
  • Cost: £5
  • Deposit: £5
  • Other:
  • Places: 30

Fishing Week (FIS)

  • Daily outings by minibus to good sea fishing sites in the area including Brixham breakwater, Princess Pier in Torquay, Exmouth beach, Budleigh Salterton beach and Babbacombe pier. Students will need to provide their own fishing equipment and bait. Students will need to bring a packed lunch and wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions each day. Water proofs would be advisable.
  • Leader: Mr Langley
  • Cost: £25
  • Deposit: £15
  • Other: price might be higher if school minibus is not available. Some help might be available with tackle – see Mr Langley
  • Places: 15

Exeter Golf and Country Club Experience (GOL)

  • Spend the week at Exeter Golf and Country Club – As the venue suggests, playing Golf will be the main activity of the week.
  • EGCC is one of Devon’s finest golf courses and this week offers students the opportunity to experience this beautiful course in the heart of Devon. Price includes:
  • Golf tuition from a leading Devon Professional Golf coach
  • Access to golf practice areas
  • Opportunities to play the 18 hole golf course at EGCC
  • Chance to play one of a number of the world’s best golf courses via a top of the range golf simulator
  • Lunch provided daily
  • Access to other facilities at EGCC, including swimming, tennis and squash
  • Option available to beginners or more experienced players –  Golf club hire is not included in the price, so borrowing equipment or buying second hand is required.
  • Leader: Mr Fidler
  • Cost: £100
  • Deposit: £40
  • Other:
  • Places: 24

Horse Riding (HOR)

  • If you love horses or just fancy learning something new this is the activity for you! You will be indulging in not only riding horses, but all aspects of horse care including grooming, stable management, tack and feed. You will learn to ride, jump and hack around the wonderful Devon countryside- an experience like no other. One group will be for beginners who wish to experience their first time in the saddle. Meanwhile, those who are a little more accustomed to ‘four-hoofed drive’ can use this week to improve their seat, refine their riding technique and deepen their knowledge of all things equestrian!
  • Leader: Ms Blackburn
  • Cost: £130
  • Deposit: £40
  • Other:
  • Places: 60

Formula 1 jet car racing (F1R)

  • Design, build and race your own miniature F1 car. As a team you must take on individual roles to build the fastest car. Do you have a flair for design? Are you interested in aerodynamics? Are you super competitive? Let your car do the talking on the track, where milliseconds count.
  • Leader: Mr Williams
  • Cost: £20
  • Deposit: £20
  • Other: could lead to national championship jet car racing
  • Places: 30

Paris (PAR)

  • 225 years after hungry French citizens stormed the Bastille, come and experience the wonders of Paris. Be prepared to scale the 1,000 foot high Eiffel Tower, visit the Mona Lisa in the world famous Louvre and enjoy the atmosphere of the Sacré-Coeur at the city’s highest point on the Montmartre Hill. Marvel at the Champs-Elysées and retrace the steps of King Louis XVI and thousands of nobles on their way to the guillotine. Throw in a boat trip along the River Seine, the opportunity to rest from the hectic pace back at the hostel with your friends and you already have the makings of a foreign adventure.Being in Paris it would only be fair to pay Disneyland a visit. Sample the famous Space Mountain, conquer the frenzy of the Indiana Jones ride, hurtle around Big Thunder Mountain, marvel at the Pirates of the Caribbean or relax around the magical Small World. Recharge your batteries and then head over to Disney Studios for another dose of adrenaline, fear and screams. All of this awaits the lucky band who want to sample the thrills of Paris.
  • Leader: Mr Putt/ Ms Cooper
  • Cost: £400
  • Deposit: £100
  • Other: Year 9 students only
  • Places: 60

Photography Workshop (PHO)

  • Learn how to take, edit and present photographs like a professional. Unlimited access to the latest Adobe software and use of a proper DSLR Nikon camera. There will be a trip to Paignton Zoo where you will put your newly learned skills and knowledge to the test. The week will conclude with an exhibition of your work.
  • Leader: Mr Tyrer
  • Cost: £22
  • Deposit: £22
  • Other:
  • Places: 45

Parkour (PKA)

  • This activity will involve 3 days of intensive and exciting Parkour training indoors, starting with the basic skills and gradually progressing as the week goes on. You will then have the opportunity during the last 2 days to put your new skills to use and will create and edit your very own Parkour film as well as getting the opportunity to watch some of the popular movies with Parkour in. No flips will be involved.
  • Leader: Mrs Perkins
  • Cost: £46
  • Deposit: £20
  • Other: only 12 places so you may not get a place if you did this before
  • Places: 12

School of Rock (ROC)

  • Exploring rock music
  • Instrumental and vocal workshops
  • Learning rock pieces in bands
  • Performance platforms
  • Writing own songs
  • Visiting The Academy of Music and Sound (tbc)
  • Visiting The Phoenix (tbc)
  • Performance in an outside venue such as The Phoenix or Corn Exchange (tbc)
  • Exploring musical opportunities available in the local area
  • Being a Roadie
  • Producing and recording a radio podcast to be broadcast within school the week after activities week
  • Leader: Ms Mahon
  • Cost: region £30
  • Deposit: £10
  • Other:
  • Places: 20

Scuba Diving (SCU)

  • Scuba diving will be £270 -£320 dependant on numbers. We will require a £100 deposit that must be paid to the Dive Centre by Feb and will not be refundable.  (the normal cost of this course would be £399 without transport)
  • All students will need to be medically fit and able to swim 100m – a medical declaration has to be completed and it is best that any students considering this course that have any medical conditions consult their Dr before this date (Feb). Mrs Davies can provide copies of the medical form in advance if you have any queries.
  • The course requires 5x 2hr theory sessions which will be held after school prior to the Activities week and students MUST commit to all of these. Students will need to pass the theory and pool sessions to be able to complete the beach diving.
  • Any student who withdraws after the training materials have been issued will  lose £100 as this covers the cost of the training  materials.
  • All equipment and training is provided and complies with PADI. Teign Dive Centre are the providers. The cost includes daily transport to the Dive Centre and the subsequent dive sites.
  • Completion of this course will result in the warding of the PADI Junior Open water qualification which is recognised worldwide and allows students to dive in any PADI centre.
  • Leader: Mrs Davies
  • Cost: tbc region £350 depending on numbers
  • Deposit: £100 by Feb
  • Other: Deposit non refundable as bookings are required cost is a booking for the dive centre so the more students the cheaper it is.
  • Places: 15

Lets go Surfing (SUR)

  • Over the 5 days your child will receive a 2 hour surf lessoneveryday as part of a 2 hours of surf tuition and practice every day.  The main activity will obviously be surfing, but ‘Discover Surfing’will also incorporate other water based activities; lifeguard board rescues, water roller, run the gauntlet and if conditions are nice you will be given the opportunity to paddle/explore around the bay/island.
  • Leader: Miss Williams
  • Cost: £140
  • Deposit: £50
  • Other: competent swimmer (50m) desirable, you will need to declare your ability to staff.
  • Places: 15

Team Building (TEA)

  • An action packed week with a  variety of team games to enjoy. Planned activities include a football tournament, an inflatable ‘it’s a knockout competition’ where you will compete in teams to tackle a variety of challenges, bubble football competition, go-karting at Raceworld and paintballing at Exeter’s Skirmish site. The cost includes coach travel to the venues outside school and covers entry to Skirmish and 300 paintballs. Please note that to comply with Raceworld’s insurance drivers must be 12 years old and have a minimum height of 1.55m.
  • Leader: Mr Bicheno
  • Cost: £90
  • Deposit: £40
  • Other: go karting requires the student must have a minimum  height of 1.55m and be over the age of 12 years on 18th July 2018, an alternative activity will be provided and the cost adjusted.
  • Places: 45

Theatre Week (THE)

  • Go to the cinema in Exeter and complete a treasure hunt. A day in London to see  a show. Take in a tour and  a show  in Plymouth. A play in a day drama activity at school.
  • Leader: Mr Salter
  • Cost: £110
  • Deposit: £40
  • Other:
  • Places: 45

Wet n Wild Watersports (WET)

  • The cost for this activity will be approx.  £130. This includes hire of all the equipment and training. The cost does not include transport to Exmouth  (Orcombe Point).
  • Students will be expected to make their own arrangements to get to Exmouth  but West Exe School will ensure that there are staff to meet students at Exeter St Davids station and will travel with them on the train to Exmouth where they will be picked up by  minibus and transported to Orcombe Point. Staff will also travel with students on the return train to Exeter St Davids station. The cost for this this year was £2.10 for a daily return.
  • Leader: Mrs Davies
  • Cost: £130
  • Deposit: £40
  • Other: students are required to take the train to Exmouth from Exeter St. Davids Station. Staff will be present to assist at the station – both ends.
  • Places: 30

Animal Magic (ANI)

  • Love animals?  Dogs, Tigers, Meerkats? Do you have pets? Would you like a job with animals?
  • This could be the week for you!
  • In this activity you will spend some time in school and out on trips to local farms and zoo’s.
  • You will get to see animals, learn about their natural habitats, learn about feeding and care of animals and
  • research why some animals are endangered and need to be kept in captivity. During the week we may visit places such as
  • Dartmoor Zoo, Bicton,  Plymouth Aquarium, a local farm and will prepare a presentation on what we have found out.
  • Leader: Ms Carrington
  • Cost: region £90 (max)
  • Deposit: £30
  • Other: trips might vary according to availability, price (2018) and student numbers
  • Places: 45

Story Tellers (STO)

  • What’s your story? Explore creative writing through a series of visits, including Exeter Museum and Dawlish, as well as a trip on a steam train to Dunster castle in Somerset. Then, back at school, workshop and explore those ideas with expert help from author, Emma Carroll.”
  • Leader: Ms Steed
  • Cost: £70
  • Deposit: £30
  • Other:
  • Places: 25

Coding Crazy (COD)

  • Spend a week learning and practising code, build games and test them.
  • Leader: Mr Kirkbride
  • Cost: Free
  • Deposit: Free
  • Other: no previous skills required
  • Places: 30

Upcycle Empire (UPC)

  • Upcycle old furniture. Refresh, rejuvenate other people’s unused furniture and sell them to make your fortune.
  • Leader: Mrs Beale
  • Cost: Deposit: Free
  • Other: no previous skills required
  • Places: 30

Outdoor Adventure (OUT)

  • Take yourself out of your comfort zone, discover new personal qualities, learn new skills. A week of varied activities that will test your resolve. You will be able to take part in a number of activities from Segway riding to sailing and paddle boarding. You will be working together to help, encourage and support each other to get through the challenges that you will face. You will learn how to canoe in a straight line (harder than it seems), work as a team to build a raft that floats. Learn to belay and climb safely and work as a team. Learn to ride your mountain bike safely across increasingly difficult terrain and stand on the highest part of land in southern England. Overall learning to survive and enjoy the great outdoor environment the Southwest of England has to offer.
  • Leader: Mr Clemens
  • Cost: £125
  • Deposit: £50
  • Other:
  • Places: 30

Model Mania (MOD)

  • Bring a model kit in to school and make it. It could be a simple airfix model or a remote control plan/glider. How about making a model railway complete with green environment, sidings and embankments
  • Leader: Mr Whitehead
  • Cost: £NA
  • Deposit:
  • Other:
  • Places: 30