Challenge X


What is it?

The aim of Challenge X is to encourage all students in Years 7, 8 and 9 to participate in six extra-curricular activities by the end of Year 9 .

How does it work?

  • When they attend an extra-curricular session, the activity leader will sign a ‘record of attendance’ which will be in students’ planners to confirm their attendance.
  • Once the student has attended six sessions, they will have passed that challenge. They can obviously continue to attend that activity but can choose to move onto a new activity (challenge). This is then updated on the ‘Achievements’ section of their epraise dashboard (see below).
  • Once they have completed 6 challenges, they will have passed ‘Challenge X’.



  • First challenge ‘free’ – provided they take part in the Cathedral carol service!
  • Through attending activities students can gain epraise points for themselves and also points for their House.
  • There will be a certification of completion for students when they complete a challenge.
  • All students who complete ‘Challenge X’ will receive a certificate of achievement which will be presented during the Year 9 celebration evening and gain a place on a special visit.