Student Voice

Students at West Exe School have a range of opportunities to make their voices heard. The main organised routes are via the School Council and the Year Councils.

We are always aiming to increase the extent of student consultation within West Exe School and have included students in elements of the selection process for new staff for some positions. A number of students have been trained as ‘learning detectives’ and participate in a programme of lesson observation and feedback to staff which forms part of school self-evaluation process.


Student Council

The Student Council includes representatives from each year group and it ‘gives students an influential voice in the life of the school.’ (Ofsted)  Each tutor group has representatives on a year council which reports to the Student Council.

Amongst other things, Student Council chooses our school charity each year. Minutes of Student Council meetings are always published with the Daily Bulletin after each monthly meeting, and representatives will discuss issues with form representatives from their own year group at year council.


Year Council

Tutor groups vote for two representatives to go to Year Council. Year council is attended by a member of staff attached to that year group, and by the Year Leader as appropriate.

They discuss key issues for their year group, and then two chosen representatives per year group take the year-specific issues on to School Council, which is also attended by the senior prefects and senior members of staff.