School Life

A Student’s Day at West Exe School

Students must arrive in school by 8.35am.  They come in through the main student entrance and go to their tutor room except on the day when they have assembly when they go straight to the Hall.

Students are registered electronically and spend 10 minutes from 8.40am with their tutor receiving messages and being prepared for the school day.

At 8.50am students move to their first lesson.  Lessons last 60 minutes and there are five lessons in each school day.  The timetable is spread over two weeks to allow a full range of subjects to be taught.

Break time is at 10.50am and lasts until 11.10am and students may buy a snack from the canteen or use the indoor or outdoor social areas.

A warning bell sounds at 11.05am when students should make their way to their third lesson.

Lunchtime begins at 1.10pm and lasts until 1.45pm.  In Year 7 to Year 10 students must stay on site during the lunch break unless their parents have given written permission for them to go home.  Year 11 students may go off-site with their parents’ permission.  Students may bring a packed lunch which can be eaten in the Dining Hall, Tent (covered outdoor social area) or Drum (indoor social area) or buy a school lunch from the healthy range offered by Sodexo’s catering service.  Students have time to eat their lunch and relax before the warning bell which sounds at 1.45pm.

Students then make their way to an afternoon tutorial session with their tutor which includes Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education as well as current affairs, booster literacy and numeracy tasks and an assembly once a week. At 2.05pm, the last lesson of the day begins.

When school ends at 3.05pm, the extra curricular programme begins and many students choose to stay in school to attend clubs and activities.