Free school meals

Is your child eligible for Free School Meals?


Students claiming Free School Meals receive a daily allowance of £2.32. Over a school year that means £440 is available for Free School Meal students to spend on food and drink. Thanks to the cashless catering system at West Exe School, a child claiming Free School Meals is treated the same as other students and cannot be identified. Their allowance gets added to their account each morning and any unspent allowance removed after lunch.


In addition, the school receives extra funding via the ‘Pupil Premium’ allocation for Free School Meals students; this funding should support students to both achieve academically and access cultural and enrichment opportunities the school has to offer.


Please click on this link to see the list of qualifying support payments to see if your child/children will be entitled to receive free school meals:


How to apply for Pupil Premium (based on Free School meal criteria):


The quickest and easiest way to apply is via the internet, using the Citizen Portal website:


Once you have set up an account for the portal, the process of applying for free school meals can be completed in less than a minute and you receive an instant decision. You only need the parent/carer surname, date of birth and National Insurance number.


If entitlement is proved by the check please take a screenshot of it and email to prove eligibility to the school. It will not tell us what benefits you are in receipt of, dates when a benefit was awarded or say how much you receive.


If you are eligible to register but your child does not want to have a free school meal please do register anyway as part of our budget allocation is based upon the number of children registered for free school meals, and your child may be eligible for a subsidy towards the cost of equipment, uniform and educational visits.


If parents have any questions or need help with their application, we will be happy to help them – please contact Reception in the first instance.


You can also ring the Education Helpline on 0345 155 1019.


Is your child a Service Child?


Pupil  Premium funding is available for students if:

  • one or more parents are currently in the British armed forces of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • one of their parents died whilst serving in the armed forces and the pupil receives a pension under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme or the War Pensions Scheme


Please email to notify us if you think your child/children would be eligible.


Is your child adopted from care, or left care under a special guardianship or residential order?


Pupil Premium funding is available for students:

  • who have been adopted from care, or who left care under a special guardianship or residential order.

We will not necessarily be aware that we have adopted children and post-looked after children at the school, so we would encourage parents/guardians to come forward.

Please email Joanne.O’ to self-declare your child’s status to the school.  Supporting evidence (e.g. an adoption order) will be needed.

We understand the sensitivities that may exist around asking parents to self-disclose, and will be mindful of the child’s history and experiences.