Jewellery and appearance

Our School is a relatively formal environment. Therefore, we believe that it is appropriate to apply traditional values which will ensure that all students and members of staff look smart. We feel this will prepare students for working environments where similar approaches are likely to be adopted. We hope that all students will respect, as well as abide by this policy and appreciate their and parents’/carers’ support in upholding it.

Jewellery: Necklaces, bracelets and rings are not allowed for Health & Safety reasons. This includes charity bands, as they are not part of the School uniform. However, students are encouraged to wear their School approved badges with pride. These include Prefect and Mentor, as well as Duke of Edinburgh Award badges, to name only three.

Piercings: A maximum of one pair of small and discreet ear studs are allowed. No other piercings or spacers are permitted.

Make-up: Make-up is discouraged. If worn, it must be hardly noticeable, natural and very subtle.

Body Art: It should go without saying that visible tattoos, even if only temporary, henna decorations and other body art is not permitted.

Hair: Cuts, styles and accessories should be suitable for our business-like school environment and not deemed extreme or aggressive. Hair colouring, if at all used, must be a natural hair shade.

Nails: The wearing of false nails, ‘gel nails’ or similar is not allowed. Nail varnish, if worn, must be clear.

Please remember that students who do not comply with the above rules risk internal isolation or being sent home until the matter is resolved.


Please note that religious observance is a valid exception and that the above list is not exhaustive. If you are in any doubt, please ensure that you seek advice from the School. Also, please refer to our Equipment Code and the Uniform Code in school planners and the Sanction Guidance – available upon request.