West Exe School uniform

Our school uniform reflects the feedback from hundreds of parents and pupils, and represents West Exe School as the Ofsted-rated good school that it is – and the outstanding school that we all aspire for it to become.  It combines smartness with functionality and durability.  Parents/guardians are strongly advised to pay particular attention to the uniform details attached, and to take expert advice from staff at Thomas Moore, as only the items exactly as specified will be acceptable.

Students are expected to wear their full uniform with pride. This includes on their way to School and home. Those wearing incomplete uniform or non-approved items risk internal isolation or being sent home until the matter is resolved.


School Uniform

School Uniform IMAGE

Official West Exe School navy blue v-neck jumper with new logo

It is only available from Thomas Moore. Substitutes, even of the same colour or design, are not permitted. An official West Exe School cardigan option is also available.


Plain, pale blue, long-sleeve collared shirt

No logos, designs or patterns are permitted. If not purchased from Thomas Moore, the shade of blue may not match the uniform requirement. Short sleeve or ¾ arm length versions may be used in the summer months only, but are an optional purchase item.


Trutex senior flat front trousers or BCT trousers (grey)

Either of these may be purchased, but please note that the BCT is a cut more suited to females. Trousers not in the correct colour/shade, that have designs or logos or a tight fitting leg cut/and or are made of canvas, cotton, linen, chino or jeans material are not permitted.


Trutex senior two pocket skirt (grey)

This skirt is not to be hemmed. Skirts not in the correct colour or shade, with any designs or logos and/or that are too short, too tight or made of a stretch fabric material are not permitted.


‘Banner’ brand Bermuda short (mid grey)

These are an optional item and may be worn only during the summer months. The shorts worn MUST be the above brand, style and colour. The use of any other type of shorts, or the wearing of shorts at other times of the year, is not permitted.


Students are allowed to wear plain, black leather or faux leather shoes

These must be shoe design only, with slip-on, Velcro or lace fastenings and flat heals. Boot, sandal or trainer styles are not permitted. The footwear must be entirely black throughout, including sole, uppers, stitching and any piping. No logos or designs are permitted.


Plain socks/tights

These must be completely plain black, white or grey throughout, with no decorative features, designs or logos. Footwear or socks/tights that do not meet the above requirement risk refusal by the School. Leggings or ‘footless tights’ are not permitted as a substitute for tights under any circumstances.


Official West Exe School tie (with House colour)

These are only available from Thomas Moore. Unauthorised ties, of a similar pattern or otherwise, are not permitted. Please be certain of your child’s house and its associated colour prior to purchase.