IT Update - Staff Email Addresses

Following the information issued before the end of term you will recall that email addresses were changing to

This change has now been completed and you will need to login to Outlook and Webmail using the new email address as the username.  If you have your emails on a phone or tablet you will need to go into the account settings and update the email address there.

Any emails sent to your original address will still be received as normal.

You can access your emails from any location by going to

Your current password will continue to work until Monday 14th August when we will be completing the transfer of your account to the new network.  From then, you’ll need to use the new password.

If you need help or have any queries you can contact the IT Helpdesk on 01392 531852 or email


Office 365 ProPlus Activation

Once you have gained access to your email you may find that your Office 365 ProPlus suite (Word, Excel, Outlook and so on) will show as unlicensed.

This is because the activation “token” that is used for the software is still the one from your old email address, which is no longer used as the email address that you login with (even though emails sent to your old email address still get through). The activation token needs to be re-tied to your new email address for it to work.

If you get the ‘unlicensed’ issue you will need to first check that you can access your emails, via the above link. If you can fine, then you can proceed to follow the process below to re-activate Office:

  1. Start an Office app (not Outlook), for example Word or Excel.
  2. Click on a new blank document.
  3. Click File > Account and look for the Sign Out link, as below:

4. Once done, the previous token is still cached in memory. To avoid this, restart the laptop once you have successfully signed out of Office 365 ProPlus. Otherwise, it will try and re-use your old, faulty token, which will not work. Restarting will flush this token out of memory.

5. After restarting, sign in again and start Word (or Excel). It will prompt you to sign in again to activate Office. Use your new email address and new password, and it should then activate fine.

6. If that is unsuccessful, a repair of Office may be needed. To do that, go to Settings > Apps, and under Apps and Features, find “Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus”. Click it, then Modify, and then choose ‘Online repair’. It will then repair Office. Restart the laptop after this, and then sign in again.