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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance


Careers provision at West Exe is embedded across the curriculum and we are working towards achieving the new Gatsby Benchmark requirements; our Careers Programme can be found below, with new opportunities and engagement with employers, further education and training providers regularly being explored.

This page contains useful careers information and links to websites that students and parents/carers can use to research career ideas, find out about apprenticeships, local further education and higher education courses and entry requirements. Using the resources below will help students to research and make informed decisions about their post 16 plans, and also Year 8 Options.

Students at West Exe can access Personal Guidance from both an Independent Careers Adviser and an Exeter College Adviser, who both attend the Year 8 Options Event, Year 10/11 Senior Leadership Team interviews and the Year 11 subject evening. Exeter College are regularly in school supporting students through assemblies, college application and information sessions, and year 11 students are also supported by their tutors and Head of Year to make post 16 applications, and are encouraged to look at all the local further education and apprenticeship opportunities, with other providers being welcomed into school.

1-1 Careers Guidance Interviews

Students can have a 1-1 Careers Guidance Interview during school time with either Maria Masters (Independent Registered Careers Adviser) or Angela Stubbington (Exeter College Adviser), and we recommend that all year 11 students have seen either Maria or Angela for guidance during the year.  To request an interview, students can ask their Head of Year, Tutor or contact Maria/Angela directly (details below); parents are welcome to attend – and all parents from any year group, can contact either adviser for any Careers/Exeter College related queries.  If you think your son or daughter may find the transition to post 16 more difficult then please contact Maria as she can offer additional support.

Maria / 01392 660100 Ext. 187

Angela / 01392 400600

Useful Links

Do you have a school’s careers programme? Yes, it can be obtained here.

Careers information for School Website – here

HO Apprenticeships and Training Provider Information – here

West Exe Provider Access Policy Statement – here


Careers Programme Review

West Exe School are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to introduce students to future careers. As such the careers programme will be reviewed by Simon Weir and Maria Masters on 21/09/2019 and annually on this date thereafter. 

Helping and supporting students choose careers and further education pathways beyond West Exe School