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The Parents’ Group is open to all parent/carers and meets regularly to receive updates on new developments and to discuss issues of concern.  The school has found this group to be an invaluable sounding board.  

In the past few meetings, the group has helped the school to make decisions on uniform changes, make updates to the homework policy  and have had input on the school calendar.

In our next meeting in September we are due to review ‘how we communicate with our parents’ and hope to make updates that will benefit all.

You don’t need to attend all the meeting to be part of the group.   We aim to keep the meeting time within the allocated hour.

To raise a topic or sign up please email:

 Future Dates 

Tuesday, 5th February 2019          6pm

Thursday, 25 April 2019                  6pm

Wednesday, 12 June                        6pm

If you have any queries regarding the parents’ group please contact us via the form below;

Parents Attending in July

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