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At West Exe School we endeavour to meet the social and academic needs of all students. We have set up an exciting programme with the aim to lead the most academically gifted students at West Exe School on a journey that will see them set the highest standards and progress onto an elite post-16 destination.

This is an opportunity which will be open to students who have achieved an above average Key Stage 2 score and / or are targeting a number of grades 8 and 9 in their GSCE courses. Students will need to apply and commit to approximately 2 hours per week. This will include extra-curricular activities, experiences and study beyond the normal expectations of the school curriculum.

In 2017-18 the West Exe Reach Programme will afford students opportunities to participate in:
• Public speaking / debating / discussion opportunities
• Team building residential activities
• Visits to top UK Universities including Oxford and Cambridge
• Electronic mentoring through the TWMAT Moodle platform
• Work experience and internship opportunities
• Conferences
• Inspirational, informative and engaging lectures from leaders in a range of different professions
• Meetings with students from Universities and Colleges who have followed a similar pathway to the student’s ambitions

The ambition of this is to see students’ aspirations risen, their understanding of the available opportunities to widen and ultimately to encourage them to set the bar high and strive to achieve more.

Support – Students will receive additional mentoring consisting of meetings where they will be able to review their academic progress and ensure that plans are in place to maximise their academic achievement.
Post 16 Academic Elite – To ensure that all West Exe School Reach Programme students are able to move onto an elite destination of their choice, the West Exe School Reach Programme will provide assistance with the completion of strong Exeter College Reach Academy applications, working in partnership with Exeter College and support and preparation for the application process for Exeter Maths School and if appropriate, support toward securing scholarships for other elite progression routes
as available.

If you are left with any questions unanswered after reading this leaflet please email or alternatively if you would like to arrange a meeting or a telephone conversation with a member of staff regarding the Reach Programme, they will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Two of our Reach Programme students prior to their Reach Academy interviews at Exeter College