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Our Trust of Schools

Who we are

I am incredibly proud to be the Headteacher of West Exe School, a truly wonderful, fully inclusive secondary school in the beautiful city of Exeter.  Here at West Exe, my team and I understand that a thriving, successful school is the beating heart of a community, and West Exe is just that.                                                                         

Students at West Exe know that to be truly successful not just in school, but in life, they need to be curious, adaptable, ambitious, resilient and proud, but most of all, they need to be kind.  Every day, we encourage students to be their very #BestExe!  We have the highest of expectations of our young people because we expect them to achieve truly great things – and they do; in fact, we are consistently the highest performing comprehensive school in the city. We have an unashamedly academic, knowledge-rich curriculum, high quality teaching and an ambitious cultural capital programme for all.  Ofsted recognises that ‘reading is at the heart of our curriculum’ and so it should be no surprise that more than 8 out of 10 students at West Exe achieve the all-important ‘basics’ of English and Maths or that 34.6% achieve grades 7-9 in all subjects.

When our students join us in year 7, they immediately become part of our vibrant West Exe community, and that is the beginning of a five-year adventure. All students at West Exe have the opportunity to learn a new language, to experience an overseas residential, to take part in our exceptional Electives Programme and to become one of our student leaders, whether that be through our well-established student parliament, or through a range of ambassadorial roles.


Through education, we empower our students to be aspirant, to work hard and to transform the lives of those around them.  Our Reach Programme prepares students for opportunities beyond West Exe School. If your child is aiming for a Russell Group University, our Reach Programme will help them on their way.  So, if you are looking for a school that will encourage your child to be more than they ever dreamed they could be, then West Exe is the school for you and your family.


Julie Fossey



West Exe School is a vibrant community united in its commitment to creating opportunities for students and staff to achieve success.