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Our Trust of Schools

Our newest member of the wellbeing team

Hello, my name is Ernie,

I am a cockapoo, I am 10 months old, and my mum is Miss O'Neill.

I am a good boy as I have been trained really well, I am very friendly, and I can sit, stay, lie down and wait (although sometimes I do push my luck).

I enjoy treats that I am given when I am well-behaved, and I give you my paw or do a high five to say thank you!

I like to sit and watch people go about their days or play with other furry friends, most recently I have learnt to swim and dig holes while at the beach! 

But my favourite thing is to play ball, I can play for a really long time without getting bored, but I do seem to go through a lot of tennis balls. This makes me very tired, and although I love my sleep, I must have my teddy with me for lots of snuggles!

I am really looking forward to being a school dog and working with students who may need a bit of support... I hope they will enjoy playing ball with me and giving me lots of fuss and cuddles.