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Ide Primary School pupils visit West Exe School for a science seminar...

West Exe School, part of the Ted Wragg Multi-Academy Trust, held a science seminar this month for pupils from Ide Primary School.

West Exe science teachers Miss King and Miss Flynn led the session, with a team of science helpers from the secondary school helping to teach their younger peers.

It was a fascinating and hands-on session with a heart dissection taking place, a life-like demonstration of how food is digested in our body and also an examination of air resistance and parachutes. 

Julie Fossey, Headteacher at West Exe School said:

“It was lovely to have pupils from Ide Primary School visit us for a science seminar.  I know they took a lot away from the session and it was brilliant to see our older pupils passing their knowledge on to the younger children.”

Moira Marder, CEO of the Ted Wragg Multi-Academy Trust said:

“I was delighted to hear about the science seminar West Exe put on for local primary pupils.  It’s never too early for younger children to start coming along to secondary school events, as not only do they get a chance to learn, it can help them to feel more comfortable and confident when it comes to starting in Year 7.”

 Published 4/12/23