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West Exe Curriculum

The Framework of Excellence is the core of our West Exe Offer, which encompasses all that our students will experience during their time at West Exe School; at its heart is our ambitious and culturally responsive curriculum. It stands as an emblem of unwavering commitment to educational brilliance, intricately weaving together its four pillars: curriculum, assessment, pedagogy and practice, and the learner.

We believe all students are entitled to an ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum which develops our community of young people to have deep agency with their learning: they are curious about the world around them and proud to be learning with us. It is academic, rigorous and challenging, and designed with long-term memory in mind. Our curriculum is aligned to a common set of Trust-wide principles which are underpinned by our mission to challenge educational and social injustice.







At the core of our ambitious learning culture is a knowledge-rich curriculum that is cohesive, cumulative and highly sequenced. By planning with the end in mind, we consider our students’ career pathways and aspirations, as well as the context of our local community when making the painstaking text selections for The Canon, when debating the merits of particular case studies in Geography and when deciding upon the new digital pathway for our computer scientists of the future.

Our curriculum is: 

The school year is divided into three cycles of twelve weeks. Each cycle comprises ten teaching weeks, during which students cover new topics in preparation for examinations and assessments at the end of Year 11.

The eleventh week is an assessment week when all students in Years 7-11 complete tests and other assessments in every subject to analyse their strengths and identify areas for further development.  

In the twelfth week, known as the Super Teaching Week, teachers re-teach areas that have been identified as areas for development from the assessments. 

Our curriculum is culturally responsive and underpinned by our community beliefs of compassion, courage and citizenship.  Through their time with us, students learn to want to make a difference in the world, with kindness, and use the knowledge and skills they have acquired wisely.  We give time to previously marginalised experiences and people, and give voices to those who have been silenced and enhancing resilience.  We encourage our students to question and examine real life incidents, helping us and them to understand why people behave in the way that they do.

We systematically provide opportunities for students to further develop their attributes and through this, our students know what success looks like.  Thus, they leave us as...


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