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Our Trust of Schools

Curriculum Provision

Our vision at West Exe is to deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum that is cohesive, cumulative and highly sequenced. It is academic, rigorous and challenging, and designed with long-term memory in mind. Students’ knowledge, skills and understanding are cemented by frequent and systematic revisiting.

Our Curriculum is designed to be: 

  • Boldly academic 
  • Research informed
  • Coherently sequenced
  • Effectively assessed
  • Knowledge rich
  • Inspired choices 
  • Holistically linked

The School year is divided into three cycles of twelve weeks. Each cycle comprises ten teaching weeks, during which students cover new topics in preparation for examinations and assessments at the end of Year 11.

The eleventh week is an assessment week when all students in Years 7-11 complete tests and other assessments in every subject to analyse their strengths and identify areas for further development.  

In the twelfth week, known as the Super Teaching Week, teachers re-teach areas that have been identified as areas for development from the assessments. 

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