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Extended Practice

Learning is what happens when knowledge moves from the working memory to the long term memory. Practical steps can be taken to improve the ability to remember key information and become a master of learning. Quizzing is a crucial part as we know that this supports retrieval. Extended practice is the work we require our learners to complete outside of class as an opportunity for them to reinforce their understanding of what they have been learning in School. It involves a set of retrieval tasks, consistent across subjects and Year groups and involves a form of self quizzing to cement that knowledge in their long term memory. 

Homework has a positive impact on average (+ 5 months), particularly with pupils in secondary schools

Education Endowment Foundation



Our commitment to Extended Practice has led to West Exe being one of the highest performing Sparx Maths Schools internationally.  

 What does Extended Practice look like?

Our learners' one hour of extended practice each night comprises a combination of the following tasks:

  • Cornell Notes
  • Sparx Maths
  • Sparx Quizzing
  • Sparx Reader / Accelerated Reader
  • LanguageNut
  • Educake
  • Extended writing