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Our Trust of Schools

Reach Enrichment

The Reach programme consists of a selected group of highly academic students from Year 7 up to and including Year 10, who are proud members of the West Exe community. This year will see the start of the REACH programme being opened up to anyone in each year group who would like to join and make the most of this excellent opportunity.

As part of the Reach programme, you will have the opportunity to take part in trips outside of school to colleges, sixth forms and Universities, visit inspirational organisations, and meet amazing people. Previously, students have attended a coding workshop at an Apple store, a visit to the Hinkley Point nuclear power station and stayed the night at Cambridge University. Last year we ran a trip to Exeter University where students took part in a workshop led by Dell Technologies as well as enjoying a tour of the University, and students were lucky enough to join a workshop run by a local farm vet. There is also the fantastic Aspire Conference, which includes students in Year 10 and 11. The day features speeches from inspirational speakers, and also workshops led by different Universities and local further education providers.

In addition to this, the REACH programme involves academic sessions led by members of staff on a whole range of exciting subjects covering the Arts, Linguistics, Humanities and STEM.  Recent sessions have included “Fast track careers”, “The importance of sleep” as well as “Mental health and well-being” and “Dreams”. You will also have the opportunity to compete in local and national competitions; for example, we hosted a philosophy writing competition for the Trust and enter the Cyberfirst Girls competition run by GCHQ.

Why should you do it?

As a member of West Exe School, we know that you want the very best for your future and are willing and able to work hard to achieve great things. The Reach programme is designed to support you in aiming high and being successful. Being a member of this exclusive group of students will greatly support your application to be a Year 11 Prefect, further education such as Exeter College Reach academy, Exeter Maths School and scholarships at selective schools. We have one of the highest acceptance rates for the selective Exeter College Reach programme, which supports students in their applications to Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group Universities.

How do I apply?

Year 7-10 can sign up for our REACH programme here

This year, we are aiming to offer a wide-ranging programme of events and activities, and we would love it if you could join us. However, there are only a limited number of spaces per year group (approximately 30 per year group).

In the meantime, I hope it goes without saying that we are incredibly proud of everything you have achieved thus far and look forward to supporting you further as you continue to thrive in our school community.

Post 16 Academic Elite: To ensure that all West Exe School Reach Programme students are able to move on to an elite destination of their choice, the West Exe School Reach Programme will assist with the completion of strong Exeter College Reach Academy applications. Working in partnership with Exeter College to support and prepare in the application process for Exeter Maths School and, if appropriate, support toward securing scholarships for other elite progression routes as available.

If you have any further questions, or alternatively, if you would like to arrange a meeting or a telephone conversation with a member of staff regarding the Reach Programme, please email [email protected]