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Our Trust of Schools


West Exe School regularly celebrates the success of all students in a variety of ways as we recognise that focussing on success and positive outcomes is essential to developing a positive culture and ethos across the school. We recognise that the individual develops a sense of belonging to our West Exe community, and a sense of self through the celebrations of success across the curriculum and wider areas of school life.  West Exe School wishes to recognise the vast majority of students make positive behaviour choices every day.  

Listed below are the ways we celebrate success with students, parents and staff during the academic year. 


Merits are used by all staff to reward positive behaviour. These are given through Bromcom in the following categories: 

  • Tutor: Extended practice submitted on time 

  • Tutor: correct uniform  

  • Tutor: equipment 

  • Kind 

  • Adaptable 

  • Resilient 

  • Curious 

  • Ambitious 

  • Proud   

  • Merit badges are awarded in line with the student attributes. E.g., when a student reaches 200 merits for being kind, they receive their kind merit badge.  The West Exe shield is awarded to students who have achieved all six attribute badges.  

The Golden Ticket

Every fortnight, all members of staff have a ‘Golden Ticket’ which they can award to any student who has displayed what our student attributes stand for. There will be a bi-weekly focus on one of the student attributes, like positive reinforcement. The golden tickets awarded are then placed in a fortnightly prize draw, for prizes suggested by the student body. 

Headteacher Commendations

Headteacher’s commendations are given to students who have been nominated by staff members for demonstrating the attributes, behaviours and values of what it means to be an exceptional West Exe Student.  They are also awarded to students who have shown exceptional achievement, either in school or as part of an extracurricular activity.   This includes a certificate and pen, with a letter going home to parents to share news of the young person’s achievement. 


The School Newsletter, Twitter & Facebook are used to highlight students’ achievements, as well as on our screens placed around the school. 

Termly Celebration Assemblies

Individual students are recognised in termly whole cohort assemblies.  Rewards are given by the tutors, the Head of Year, and the Senior Leadership Team for exceptional achievement. 

Award Evenings

Annual Awards Evenings are held for each key stage in the Summer Term. Additionally, each year, the departing year 11s have a Graduation Evening the November after leaving West Exe. Awards are given in the following categories: 

  • Academic Achievement and Outstanding Endeavour for individual subjects (nominated by their teacher) 

  • Tutor Awards 

  • Student Attribute Awards 

  • Ted Wragg Trust Awards for Academic Endeavour and Community Contribution 

Separately, we hold an annual awards evening for PE where we celebrate the sporting successes, the resilience and adaptability of our students. 

We encourage all families and friends to attend these events in order to truly celebrate the efforts of students and to strengthen links between home and school. 

Tutor/House System

Competitions are held between tutor groups for particular activities and occasional prizes given. Inter-House sports competitions are held between House Groups during the year. House Groups will meet 3 times a year for House Week.  All staff members are linked to a house and work with the students to win points for their teams, as well as to fundraise for the house charities. 

The Ethos behind the West Exe Rewards System: 

The West Exe Rewards system has been updated for the academic year 2023/24 following a consultation with the student and staff bodies. Our student parliament offered feedback and guidance on what they would like to see within a rewards policy and then took feedback from their tutor groups. The above rewards outline our extrinsic motivational factors for students, which we promote and encourage throughout the year.  

Through our deliberate practice and coaching programme for staff, we hope that students understand the importance of being intrinsically motivated to be successful.  We believe this is achieved through a sense of accomplishment and belonging. Staff use precise praise, not just within their classrooms, but also within their interactions with students outside of the classroom. The relationships staff and students build ensure students feel valued by both their teachers and peers, understanding not only that their teachers want the absolute best for them but also why. 

We recognise that success comes in all shapes and sizes, and endeavour through our celebration of the student attributes, first and foremost, to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to be recognised, regardless of starting point or.