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Our Trust of Schools

Tutor and Head of Year Information

Here at West Exe we have a wide range of support networks for our students to ensure they are extremely well supported both academically and pastorally on their pathway to success.

Form Tutors

The role of the tutor is central in both caring for students and, crucially, monitoring their progress both academically and pastorally. They provide key messages and set a positive tone for the day by checking and rewarding students who are properly equipped, dressed smartly and are ready to learn.

Heads of Year

The role of the Head of Year is to oversee the pastoral well-being and academic progress of the year group. Our dedicated Year Heads are all very experienced pastoral leads with a passion for ensuring students at West Exe receive a well-rounded education. Heads of Year will also monitor and support the attendance, safeguarding and extra-curricular activities of their year groups.


Year 7 

Head of Year: 

Richard Claydon

7HMR - Holly Richards
7MTK - Megan King
7KIC - Kimberley Clarke
7KKF - Kate Fryett
7HEC - Harry Chambers
7ZAH - Zoe Horrell
7LOS - Lorraine Smith
7PDW - Paul Williams
7KLF - Kelsey Flynn
7LKS - Lyndsey Steed


Year 8 

Year 9 

Head of Year:

Laura Peacock

9BL - Ben Lias
9SAP - Sam Presley
9JTS - Jake Searle
9ANR - Annie Renwick
9SCK - Sarah Knight
9CLM - Catherine Moorhouse
9CJS - Christopher Scott
9ELR - Emma Randall
9CHO - Charlotte Osmond
9BLB - Bonnie Bow-Thompson


Year 10 

Head of Year:

Imogen O'Callaghan

10WGM - Will McCloskey
10RHS - Rosie Salter
10SRP - Steph Perkins
10DPS - Dave Salter
10SAM - Sophie Matthews
10EKS - Libby Smith
10RSH - Robbie Hallam
10LC - Leah Carrington
10HOW - Holly Wakefield


Year 11 

Head of Year:

Joely Opie-Harris

11JAR - Jane Rose
11TET - Tilly Edgar-Thompson
11CMM - Chloe McDonald
11JMH - Jessica Hingston
11NMB - Naomi Bowler
11TWJ - Thomas Wadeley-Jones
11AMD - Adele Dudley
11EE - Ellie Elphick
11MAE - Mia Evans