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West Exe Bacc

The West Exe Baccalaureate


The West Exe Baccalaureate developed from a desire to create a programme of study that encompassed statutorily required subjects, such as Religious Education, and the skills and attributes that students will require to become successful and active twenty-first century citizens. Schools are obliged to teach Religious Education and Relationships Education and to promote healthy and safe lifestyles but, so often, the delivery of these important elements is haphazard and poorly resourced. At West Exe, we wanted to avoid this by ensuring that our programme was comprehensive, well-resourced and given a prominent position within the taught curriculum.

Aims of the Baccalaureate

From the outset, the overarching goal of the Baccalaureate has been the holistic development of West Exe students. The School’s strapline of “Community, Opportunity, Success” underpins the Baccalaureate as our motivation is to develop students who are not only academically successful but are also emotionally strong and socially aware.

Curriculum plan 

Within the Curriculum plan are topics being covered in this academic year. The curriculum is reviewed each year in the light of consultation with staff and the student body.