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Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Rich Curriculum

At West Exe we are incredibly proud of our knowledge rich curriculum.  Our subject leads and their teams work tirelessly in School and with colleagues in the wider Ted Wragg Trust to ensure our curriculum provides powerful knowledge that is carefully focused and sequenced.  Not only that, but we provide students with proactive strategies to engage with this powerful knowledge and these strategies are built into our curriculum, so students are able to master them in class but also in their independent studies at School and beyond.

Cornell Notes

Cornell notes are a tried and tested method of supporting students to make meaningful and useful revision notes.  They were developed at Cornell University- a member of the elite Ivy League group of Universities.

Cornell Notes are our main method of note taking, revision and extended practice at West Exe School.  We know they support all our children in maximising their learning and ensuring they remember powerful knowledge regularly.

The video below will explain how students can make Cornell notes.

This video will explain how students can use Cornell notes effectively for revision.

 KO's for each year group

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